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8 April 2015

Learn How Magnetic Jars Are The Best Kitchen Storage Options

No one likes mess, especially the mess in the kitchen. It’s because, it is the mess which not only throws disgust to the eyes but nose as well.
And the pungent aroma ultimately battles with your peace of mind.

So here, in this blog I am going to talk about the best creative way to get rid of kitchen mess.

The Solution: Magnetic Jars (And as striking or huge they sound, the making is just as simple!)

The process:
The first step is to collect some baby food jars like below-

Rinse them clean. 
The second step is to get some nice powerful magnets which are easily available. You can use one large magnet or 2-3 small ones; glue them on the bottom of the jars as shown below-

Now comes the labels. Of course you would not want to keep guessing what’s inside the jar. The labels make your work easier as you will have an enhanced cooking experience pulling up the jar you need instantly when needed.

Simply make the labels from circular pieces of paper. Write names of the spices, condiments, etc on the circled labels and glue them on the jar lids.

Bonus tip: Let the labels dry for sometime ensuring no fade of what’s written on.

Whew! That's plenty of explanation for a task requiring little skill!

I’m sure you will find these much adorable as they add a touch of fun, freshness and convenience to your mundane everyday chores.

And last but not the least, you’ll be mesmerized to notice never-experienced-before textures and colors of different spices through the glass!

Happy cooking!

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