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6 July 2015

Make the most out of your space

Space is precious, and a spacious surrounding is not achieved through bigger spaces, but often through de-cluttering things by storing it rightly. Below are some practical tips to use storage hacks in a way to give you an enhanced space.

Preserve those ancient relics:
Whether it’s Grandma’s old vinyl player or an antique you’ve snapped up at a local market, preservation is of great importance. With temperature-controlled units that create the perfect conditions to safeguard your treasures, storage units are always the safest way to ensure items of value don’t lose their value.

Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be painful:
A recent study discovered (through brain imaging) that it gives a person actual physical pain when getting rid of things, especially due to space constraints. So give your heart a break. A simple storage unit not only de-clutters your home and avoids you from getting rid of valuable things, but it also means you can focus on loving all the other things that make you happy.

Time is of the essence:
Let’s face it; you don’t want to spend your time sifting through all sorts of stuff to find what you want. Simply put, an untidy house takes more time to clean and it takes longer to find things. Surely you have better things to do with your time. De-cluttering by means of a secure storage unit gives the peace of mind and most importantly - extra time.

Anything goes:
Every Christmas, the tree is hauled out of a dark corner in the garage only to return a week or two later. It’s the same story for fancy dress parties, or get-togethers. With a storage unit, you don’t need to get rid of those crazy outfits or props! Just have it stored and crack it open when it’s party time. 

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