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19 February 2010

Going Green through Self Storage

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The ubiquitousness of ‘going green’ is prominent these days. Manufacturers know about it, service industries are aware of it and consumers are fascinated as well as touched by it. People know about the different ways in which they can help the environment, but not many of them are able to do so. Hence they appreciate the eco-friendly attempts of others. This is why few storage facilities in Dubai have participated in the push to operate on a greener basis.

If you have decided to help the storage industry, why not do it in the green manner? It is understood that those who have decided to purchase a franchise with a storage company in UAE, may not have enough funds initially. So here is what you can do:

Whenever you have to get rid of something, form the habit of segregating and disposing it in the best possible way. For example: batteries, bulbs, cardboard, etc. can be recycled. Consumers feel good about your company when they know you act responsibly towards the environment. In the same intention, use the idea of planting more trees within the compound of your Dubai storage company. Use it to make a nice garden. If there poses a logistic problem, dedicate a storage unit towards the growth of hydroponic plants. Organizations looking forward to operate will surely help you monetarily in exchange for some publicity.

These ideas will surely help your business prosper as it will drive genuine customers towards using your services. Explore franchise opportunities at The Box by calling our office. Our website:

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