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10 September 2010

A Perfect Size To Suit Your Needs

The foremost thing is deciding which stuffs will be kept in your home or office and which are the ones that will move to a storage facility in Dubai. After this, one has to select the size of a storage unit that fits in all the belongings. Your storage unit should be big enough to be able to lodge all your items together. Moreover, keep in mind that you don’t opt for a unit that is too big or else that would be a waste of money. But often people get confused while choosing the right size for all their belongings.
This is just an idea to help you select a perfect unit for yourself.
A 25 sq feet unit roughly holds a table with a computer, with almost equal room left for placing other smaller items.
A 50 sq feet unit is as good as a walk-in closet. It can hold the essential furnishings of a typical office cabin; like the computer, table, chair, file cupboards and extra boxes.
A 100 sq feet unit is perfect for holding the furnishings of a bedroom.
A 150 sq feet unit can easily hold the furnishings of 2 bedrooms.
A 200 sq feet unit can house all the furniture of a small house or apartment.
A 375 sq feet unit can easily accommodate a vehicle with some room still left to store other things.
Our storage solution in Dubai offers different sized storage units and more. Call The Box and we will send you our specialist free of cost to give you a space requirement estimate.

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