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7 December 2010

Storage facility makes space for your Antiques

Everybody wishes to preserve old things like grandfathers armchair, mementos etc. But it so happens that these antiques take a lot of space in your house, because of which the things which are necessary have no room in your house. Your big beautiful house looks more like a storage room or a warehouse. When guests are about to turn up it becomes a problem and you are in soup as you have no place for more adjustments.

It is very obvious that you won’t wish to give away precious things like grandfather’s armchair etc. There is only one option to keep these antiques safely and that is to book a storage facility in Dubai with The Box. The Box gives you the advantage of keeping your precious and treasured possessions with its storage facility. You can hire the storage units of different sizes at your will. With The Box storage units from 50sq.ft to 155sq.ft are available; also other sizes are available as per the request. The Box provides with the climate controlled unit for the antiques so that they don’t fade up. The storage units are accessible for 24 hours of the day. Your belongings are safe with The Box as they are kept under 24 hour CCTV surveillance.

The storage facility at The Box allows you to store not only personal belongings but also business items. They also help you with the office and house removal services in Dubai and Dubai moving services.

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