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4 December 2010

Store your Documents Away from Bugs

From professionals to kids everybody posses documents. Documents may be papers related to financial matters, tax returns, birth certificates, newspaper clippings etc. For kids documents may consist of school projects, drawings etc. Even you would like to cherish your memories by keeping drawings made during the school time. But keeping such old documents is not a simple task. You have to keep them away from the mites.

To preserve them what is essential is the document storage facility. It many a times happen that mites and bugs feast on your artwork, canvases, documents etc. They eat up your possession until the whole piece is consumed. In old times the paper was made from plant fiber, so it was durable and the question of mites eating the paper didn’t arise. Same is not the case today. The wood is the main constituent in the paper, bugs and mites are susceptible to wood and they eat up the paper. We at The Box guarantee you safety of your documents at our document storage in Dubai. We provide you with climate controlled environment so that we can keep your documents away from the pests. The Box is considered to be the best storage facility in Dubai. We keep your documents safe by tuning the environment inside your storage unit in a way to prevent insects from thriving.

Apart from document storage, The Box also provides its customers with document archiving. To know more about our document and record management services at The Box, visit our website

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