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28 December 2010

Tips to Store Your Things Safely

Storage facilities in Dubai have become a need for the people in Dubai because of their changing lifestyle. Once you choose the unit it is very essential for one to know the art of packaging the things which are to be kept in storage units. If things not packaged properly, the chances of they getting damage is apparent. Let’s pack your belongings considering the tips given below:

1. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the hard and tough things should be kept first and later keep soft, delicate things on top.

2. Take large unit to keep your things so that easy movement is possible.

3. The metal items should be treated with rust protectors and the books with boric powder to prevent them from getting damaged by insects. Also cover things with plastic bags or sack to protect them getting damaged.

4. If you are using your lock for the storage unit just see to it that it is of a good quality which won’t be opened with a pin.

5. Keep your precious and expensive things at the bottom or extremely behind in the unit.

6. Do not store any sharp or inflammatory things.

7. Leave the door of the appliances open to prevent the fungal growth.

8. Last and most important make list of things which have stored with storage facility.

The Box is one of the well recognized storage solutions in Dubai. We provide you with units of various sizes depending on your requirement. The experts at The Box may also assist you if you are facing any problem in packaging your things which are to be kept in the storage facility. We also provide you with the Dubai moving services.
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