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13 December 2010

The Need for Air Conditioned Storage Units

What is air conditioned storage units. When people hear it for the first time it is obvious that they get puzzled. Earlier storage facilities in UAE just provided space for goods in exchange of money. During that time security was not the issue. Necessity for air conditioned units was not felt but the same is not the case today. These air conditioned storage units have various benefits.

If the goods are not stored in proper temperature they often degrade. If the goods come in contact with excess heat or cold they are prone to get wrecked. With the help of air conditioned units, it becomes easy to protect organic items like leather, wooden furniture, clothes etc from getting spoiled. Air conditioned climate controlled units facilitates the best to the organic materials. The document storage in Dubai also provides you with climate controlled units. The valuable assets which are mostly stored in form of paper are stored in these units so that they can be protected from termites. Even the old documents are safe with the climate controlled units at The Box. The units have space for your paintings too. When stored in proper temperature they do not fade up and the experts at The Box understand the importance of your paintings.

Even though there are additional costs related to electricity bill, but air conditioned unit is an expense where your goods remain safe and are not spoiled.

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