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2 September 2009

Your Checklist for Choosing a Great Storage Facility

Selecting a storage facility in Dubai is never easy as you wouldn’t bank on a single factor to make you decision. Check for these factors before taking your pick:
1 -If you will be accessing your storage space regularly, see that it is within close proximity of your home. Your storage unit must also be convenient in terms of size. It shouldn’t be very large; neither should it be very small to avoid items from cramming up.
2 -The storage facility in UAE should be clean and maintained at all times. Be sure to check for roaches and mice too!
3 -Check if the managers and the rest of the staff are polite and courteous. Are they interested in your storage problems? Do they answer all your questions?
4 -And last but not the least comes security. Even though the storage facility has taken many steps to ensure overall security, see to it that your unit has a private security system. When it comes to security you sometimes need to rely on your gut feeling. So if you are not very happy entrusting your belongings to the chosen storage company in UAE then you shouldn’t.
5 -A lot of people decide upon a storage facility by its pricing. But it is advised that you check on price only after you have investigated the facility for the above 4 factors. Many companies provide good service and security. Thus their services tend to be a little more expensive than the others.
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