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12 March 2010

Why did Storage and Security Combine?

We recently came across a product called ‘safetube’. This item is meant to protect your valuables from dust, rain and animals too. We’re guessing this product was made taking advantage of the fear people have of losing their wealth anytime due to unpredictable natural disasters or man-made accidents. The acceptance of this and other such products clearly highlights the fact that safety and security is something that we will never stop trying to achieve more of.

Years ago, the idea of storing goods by paying rent to the owner was a very simple one. The owner was only responsible for goods remaining there till the time you returned to collect them. That was their job. But now, storage companies in Dubai offer more than just a place to store your goods. They offer the most sought after features- safety and security. In other words, Dubai storage companies would never have existed till this date if no one would bother coming up with a plan that provided a wholesome storage package to the customer.

If security is what makes self storage facilities in UAE worthwhile, why invest in a one that isn’t geared with extraordinary security measures?

The Box became famous through word-of-mouth communication in its initial days. This highly difficult form of advertising was successful due to the company’s genuine effort at satisfying the need for security in every storage unit they had. For storage and security combined, visit The Box at

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