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17 March 2010

From the point of view of self-storage

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Global warming is not soon to come, it is here. You might have heard about earthquakes and floods taking place in a row in different countries all over the world. But these days global warming has decided to show UAE how awful it can be.

From the point of view of the people in UAE, there may not be any escape from natural calamities. From the point of view of finances, floods and even snow are perhaps better than unexpected hailstones as ice could damage your property (like equipments, vehicles, etc.) left in the open. Similarly from the point of view of storage facilities in UAE, there is a high cost tagged to the cleaning of ice. Thus even storage facilities believe that hailstones could be very destructive. It affects transportation, infrastructure as well as electricity supplies. Thus climate controlled storage is the feature in demand at every storage facility in UAE today.

No matter what the temperature or weather condition is outside; a climate controlled facility can take care of your items, documents or vehicles. Storage facilities are also built in a way to prevent flood water from entering the company and your unit. These facilities are great for leather items like clothes and furniture or even for your hobby collection or artworks. Rely on a storage solution in UAE, leave aside your worries and experience the difference.

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