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12 March 2010

A Unique Renter’s Checklist

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All storage facilities in Dubai obviously have many offers and solutions when it comes to storage. But make sure you physically check the selected Dubai storage companies for the following. Here is a checklist a renter should carry along…

LOCATION: Choose a facility that lies between your home and your work-place. If there are none on that route, try to pick one that is closer to both these places. What you will gain out of doing this is a precious gift called ‘time’ that never fails to translate into money.

SECURITY: Visit the different units at each storage facility in Dubai city while storage company hopping. Check different sized units for its security measures. Check for sprinklers, alarm systems and fire extinguishers too.

TRUST WORTHINESS: Many companies use standard alarm systems and other security measures. As a renter you also have the rite to ask the representatives of the storage company about their systems being approved by the local civil defense department. If possible, find other customers using a unit at the same company and ask them whether they have been satisfied with the security of their goods in these units so far.

CLIMATE CONTROL: Investing in a storage company without climate controlled units is as good as storing your goods in a warehouse.

Storage and removals go hand in hand. Full-fledged facilities offer air/ocean freight transportation services too.

INSURANCE: Third party insurance coverage for your belongings is another smart option to go for.

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