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8 March 2010

Dubai Dealing With Lack of Space

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Only 20% of Dubai’s population is Emiriti. The rest are all expatriates. Dubai also receives a huge number of tourists every year, which is the reason why the city is a bit too crowded always. The expatriate crowd and even some of the Emirities in Dubai usually live in smaller homes. But the amount of stuff that they own in Dubai is more than what they can fit into their houses.

If you’re planning to stay in Dubai for many years, buying so much might be worth it. That’s where the storage companies in Dubai benefit. No sane person living in Dubai/planning to settle in Dubai will actually let go of their essential belongings just because they have no space to store them. Therefore a household storage service in Dubai helps. In here you can save just about everything you need to.

But it’s not just the expats who have a problem with space, it’s the tourists too. They come to Dubai with all sorts of things included in their luggage. Once they are in the city they increase the amount of luggage they already have by shopping for some more things to take home (lured by the discounts at the DSF). So could there really be a better place to store all their belongings apart from a Dubai storage company? I guess not… as dumping stuff at a relatives place or settling for a messy hotel room isn’t even an option.

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