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18 March 2010

Your Mattresses Aren’t Safe Outside A Storage Facility

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Sooner or later, time will necessitate the need for you to buy a new bed. If you still want to keep the old one, chances are that you will need to store the mattresses to be used for the same. Therefore your mattresses will also require storage at some point of time.

How and where must mattresses be stored? - is a very important question. You cannot store them in a damp place, or in a place where they are prone to damage. Attics are usually damp, thus you would think about storing your goods outdoors. But the bad news is that your mattresses aren’t safe outside either because of the different weather conditions that could affect them. Therefore the only safe place to keep your mattresses along with your extra pillows, linens, etc. is in a storage facility in Dubai.

Dubai storage companies are noted for their climate controlled storage solutions. Such solutions keep various factors like dust, temperature, humidity, etc. at required levels. These conditions are great for mattress storage in a place like Dubai. With extreme weather conditions outside, a storage unit would be beneficial to people. Therefore don’t hesitate to ask your storage company about mattress storage whenever you need such a service.

As for The Box, climate controlled storage options are available at all our branches. You can store mattresses in our storage units under the household storage option in UAE.

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