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19 March 2010

Transporting Fine Crockery

storage serviceAfter listening to a variegated set of moving experiences, crockery seems to be the toughest item to transport during house removal in UAE. That’s because it is fragile (made of clay or glass). Even if one plate of your remarkable crockery set breaks, the beauty of it disappears. For those who are addicted to buying fine crockery sets, a hair crack could also be disturbing.

The safety of your cups, saucers and plates begin from the way they are packed by the professionals from a storage facility in Dubai or by you. If you want to try packing crockery yourself, there’s no harm in trying it out. In fact, packing fragile items is easier than you think. You just need to carry out the packing logically:

Keep in mind that each and every item should not rub against each other, which means that you have to provide some sort of insulation between each cup. Insulation can easily be bought from a moving company in Dubai. Secondly, make sure that the similar crockery items stacked upon each other are placed in crates that match their size to avoid rattling within during transportation. Also be sure to label these boxes as ‘fragile’ along with an arrow showing which side is up.

Therefore, for the sake of reliable transportation you either have to pack the right way or let the experts at a storage facility like The Box handle this job.

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