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18 April 2010

Your Classic Phones Have Higher Value

All of us move ahead in life but there are certain memories which we hold on to. Things belonging to earlier days keep memories alive. I know quite a few people who like collecting antiques. Having unique collection of classic things is an appreciable hobby. But it requires a lot of space to keep all your articles safe.

Phones of olden era had regal appearance but they are out of fashion now. At the same time they were very much heavy and could not be handled easily. But their royal look compelled many to keep them as their classic collection. Plenty of them were made of gold and sliver so it was out of question to throw away such expensive and attractive phones. Dubai Storage Company provided that extra space where these phones could be kept safe and secured. There are many storage solutions in Dubai but only The Box has special facilities for every storing need. Everything that you don’t use regularly can be stored at storage facility in Dubai. Along with your classic phones you can also keep classic furniture, cars, clocks and much more. You can easily take them whenever you need because you can access your account 24 hours a day.

The Box is one of the leading storage solutions in UAE and has a wide range of customers. We have achieved this success in a very little time. All our customers are happy with our storage and moving service in Dubai. You can easily reserve an account wit us.

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