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13 April 2010

Types Of Car Storage

Many storage companies in UAE have car storage as an added service to compliment the rest of the amenities that they offer. But each storage facility in Dubai offers a different kind of storage. Basically there are three types of car storage: outside car storage, covered car storage and inside car storage.

Outside car storage: You might ask- “Why outside car storage?” Well, parking spaces in Dubai are like gold. Therefore the amount of people benefiting from such a storage solution in Dubai is phenomenal. Outside car storage can’t do much for your car. But to some, low parking rates are all they want for their cars. Thus they love outside storage.

Covered car storage: This facility will only shield your car from the sunlight that normally damages a car brutally. The roofs help do that. Since the height of different cars is different the roofs at such facilities are adjustable or have a range of heights to choose from. This kind of storage is relatively inexpensive, but doesn’t provide any other protection. Hence it could be perfect for those looking to just store their car someplace away from the sunlight, with no other motives.

Inside car storage: Indoor car storage units like at The Box, generally have shutters so that your car can be parked easily inside the storage facilities in Dubai. This kind of storage makes a lot of sense as your car can be protected completely from sunlight. The security of things inside the facility is obviously better than outside it. Tests or checks are also conducted on your car from time to time. The colour will not fade, the engine will work efficiently and neither will your car become a victim of crime.

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