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21 October 2010

Commercial Storage Easily Manageable

Getting a commercial storage for your official documents many times is a difficult task. The biggest issue with the commercial storage is the safety of your documents and goods. The Box is one storage facility in Dubai who is reliable for commercial storage.
The Box provides you with the self- storage facility. It has storage units to suit your different business needs. The units have 24 hour CCTV surveillance and access control log. To eliminate the excess of your office cluster like documents, old furniture etc. The Box offers you with adequate space and efficient storage solutions in Dubai. Depending upon your storage requirement you can purchase a unit or multiple units. The experts at The Box assist you with document archiving in Dubai. They also help you with access to your audit and regular use files. The Box offers you with Dubai movers for dismantling, packaging and reassembling your office furniture while relocating to a new location. The Dubai moving services at The Box is capable of handling orders for your products and delivering to the customers, distributors. The Box is one Dubai storage company capable of handling shipments and tracking document transfers. If you are unable to be present for any deal, the experts at The Box will coordinate between the suppliers and vendors on your behalf. The Box extends the facility of third- party brokerage to the customers and clients. At storage facility in Dubai the customers are provided with moving services in Dubai during the time of relocation.
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