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18 October 2010

Let Your Furniture Always Look New

Wood furniture makes your home look beautiful but gradually after a period of time it starts loosing its shine. To preserve this shimmering shine of your wooden furniture it is necessary to keep it properly. Following are the tips needed to preserve your gorgeous wooden furniture.
1. Moisture affects the furniture, to protect the furniture from getting spoilt because of the moisture it can be covered with water proof covers. In Dubai there is more humidity with the help of humidifier you can control the humidity and protect the furniture.
2. Furniture may get fade up because of the sun. Furniture should be rightly placed in your house. Extreme sun rays can crack the furniture. Also you can place screen film on windows to protect the furniture.
3. Place pads and mats under the vases, glasses and cups so that you can protect the furniture from getting scratches. Placing plastic or rubber on wood surface may damage the furniture. If the furniture has small scratches conceal using scratch cover product, if they are large use felt tip pen or shoe polish in a color closely matched with wood furniture.
4. While keeping the tea cup, glass or vases use pads, mats or coasters otherwise rings or marks may appear on the furniture. You have to scrub water ring with a sand paper
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