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19 October 2010

Facilities at The Box

Storage facilities; as the name suggests they only provide with storage options. There are very storage companies in Dubai who provide with you all round services like storage, house removal, moving services etc. The Box is one Dubai storage company who provides you with all round services like
Personal Storage: This facility is an extension of your home. In this facility you can store those belongings with storage facility in Dubai which has adequate space in your house. The persona storage facility on The Box can be accessed 24 hours of the day.
Commercial Storage: At commercial storage facility you can save all your inventories that are not in use. You can store various promotional material, old furniture, outdated hardware etc. in the storage units. The commercial storage facility is easily accessible and high security is provided to this facility.
Record Management: At the document storage facility in Dubai, you can store your documents. The experts at The Box also assist you with record management and document archiving in Dubai. They will also assist you with access to your audit and regular use files, whenever you want them.
Removals: The Box also provides you with the moving services in Dubai. If you are planning to relocate your office or house in Dubai, it will surely assist you. With the help of experts at The Box office or house removal in Dubai is very easy and comfortable.
For easy storage of your belongings and for comfortable office or house removals contact The Box. You can also get registered with The Box at

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